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Club of Rio Rancho
Tuesdays at Noon
Rio Rancho Public Schools
Training Complex
500 Laser Rd. NE

Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Call Jerry @ 505-228-4306

Satellite Club Meeting
1st and 3rd Wednesday
at  Brew Lab 101 Beer & Cider Co.
(3301 Southern Blvd SE, Rio Rancho,
NM 87124).

Call Earl @ 505-250-9070

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Paul Harris Society


Contributions to the Rotary Foundation support Rotary’s goal of advancing international understanding, goodwill, and peace. Your participation in the Paul Harris Society is an especially meaningful and significant commitment to these goals. Anyone can contribute at any time and dedicated Rotarians around the world make a real difference when they participate. The contribution can be made in anyone’s name and it bestows a great honor on the named recipient.

A contribution of US $1,000 can help provide funding for projects such as:

  • A well for clean water to a community in India
  • Equipment for a children's library in Ecuador
  • Polio vaccine for 2,000 children
  • Playground equipment, musical instruments, and therapeutic toys for rehabilitating orphans and other children in the Czech Republic
  • Eyeglasses for needy adults in the Philippines
  • Funding for Peace Scholarships


The Paul Harris Society is named after Paul P. Harris, founder of Rotary International. Paul Harris formed the world’s first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago, on February 23, 1905. His intention was to recreate in a professional club the same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his youth.


Paul Harris Society contributions support a wide range of humanitarian grants and educational programs that enable Rotarians to bring hope and promote international understanding throughout the world. Become a member of the Paul Harris Society today and make a lasting difference.





Paul Harris Fellow gifts from Rio Rancho Rotary Club

Robert Aguirre Jim Frakes Catherine Peeples
Beth Akins Michelle Frechette Ed Peeples
Cleo Akins Christin Guernsey Robert Pomeranz
John Akins Max Guernsey James Purdy
Rick Akins Julian Garza Jerry Ratcliff
Roz Akins John Hannahs Kevin Reid
Gary Armijo    
Samuel Aronson Mary Henry Nolan Ridings
Anne Bowbeer Cindy Hibler Michael Schamp
Arthur Bowbeer Dick Hillier Walter Smith lll
Gary Bowman Joan Hillier Jennie Schulte Riedl
Dan Buchly William Johnson Donald Roach
Howard Burress Robert Jordon Larry Robinson
Sloan Carr Gregory Jorgensen Joe Roos
Donald Chapin Ira Karmiol Cheryl Roos
Greg Clark Paula Karmiol James Sandoval
Craig Clatanoff Jack Lacy Nadine Scala
Linda Missy Collier William Lafferty Lisa Schrader
Jack Corder Evlyn Lacy George Schueler
Adam Cuevas Roger Lection Dorthy Sherman
John David Betty Lockhart Joel Sherman
Thomas Dimalto Richard Lockhart Howard Sherrod
Audra Dodson Lori Lowen Cal Shipley
Donald Doench Willliam Lowen Edward Slater
Brian Doerty Ross MacKellar Ray Taber
John Eartherington Brad Marsh James Ward
    Carl Thornton
    Earl Waid
Diane Egbert Donald McConnell Neil Wetsch
Robert Egbert Beth Miller David Wheatley
Mrs. Robert Egbert Cal Mowry Jim Wheatley
Pauline Eisenstadt Deborah Mowry Janet Wheatley
Tate Fishburn Harald Mueller Jody Wheatley
  Roger Nagel  
Ralph Fitts Harry Nester Robert Whelan
Stella Fitts Chris Pacheco* Ernie Wilson
Divyesh Patel Harold Woodward