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 The Rotary Youth Exchange Program

  • The Rotary Youth Exchange Program began 30 years ago with the objectives of encouraging world peace and understanding through youth and developing cultural education for young people. High school students are hosted in several local homes and learn about the USA and local customs through total immersion as a family member.
  • The program is 100% volunteer and Rotarians manage more than 8,000 students/year between 160 countries.
  • Program is focused on cultural exchange with a requirement for attending high school during the year exchange.
  • Strong supervision by the Rotary Club and District here and abroad creates positive environment for both inbound and outbound students and the hosting families.
  • Cost-based program for the student making it one of the most inexpensive exchange programs world-wide.
  • Rotary host clubs and local families provide room, board, a small financial stipend and logistics for high school attendance.
  • Strong student selection process and orientation prepares students between the ages of 15 and 18 1/2  years old (when you depart on the plane) for a year abroad.
  • Students are selected based upon emotional maturity, high academic achievement and social skills.
  • Students typically learn another language by total immersion, acquire great skills for independent decision-making and develop lifetime family relationships with the hosting families.
  • Students are “young ambassadors” for their home country.

What are the qualifications to participate as a student in Rotary Youth Exchange?

Generally, a student who intends to apply for our program needs to:

  • be a sophomore or junior at the time of September interview by the local club,
  • have good grades,
  • be outgoing and participatory in your community and/or school,
  • be able to choose multiple countries as possible places of travel,
  • be emotionally stable (able to manage stress and make decisions well),
  •  have parent(s) or guardian(s) who whole heartedly supporting the exchange,
  • be willing to speak in front of Rotary groups, and
  • be able to fund the costs of exchange.

    The student must begin with a preliminary interview during the month of September or October with several members of the Rio Rancho Rotary Club. If the student is found to have the minimum qualifications, a second and third interview is required with the District 5520 Youth Exchange Committee in November and December. More details will be provided as to the full process as the student moves forward.


What are the qualifications to become a host parent/family?

  • The family should have a desire to share their home with a high school student for 4 to 6 months and provide their immediate living needs,

  • be interested in learning about another culture from first hand experience,

  • be open minded to the different experiences which having a new family member can bring,

  • incorporate into your life new friends including people from other countries and a local rotary club of volunteers.


    For more information on student exchange please contact Gary Armijo, Youth Exchange Officer at 505-948-4478 (email ) or Joe Roos, Club Counselor at 505-379-6603 (email